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Campus Box Media supports schools achieve high levels of awareness and fan support at no expense while helping their local sponsors increase exposure and community outreach.

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Choose from one of our high impact advertising packages that best suit your business and local community.

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Use promotional items as cost-effective means of expanding your market reach to more potential customers.

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Choose from one of our high impact advertising packages that best suit your business and local community.

A Mission connected

Campus Box Media is a conglomerate of growth-focused companies with a single mission to grow small businesses and enhance the high school gameday experience.  We believe every small business deserves the opportunity to make a big impact in its local community in a more affordable way.

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Products That Support Local High-School Programs

Because this program benefits the schools and the business community it has a significant impact. Schools enhance their experience and create an additional revenue stream while businesses get in front of a captive and target audience.

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Premium In-house manufacturing

Campus Box Media and our companies use our premium production facility in Dallas Texas to create all of our high-quality game day items. Our team ships your items out directly to the school in a timely manner so you're ready to own the season.

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What is a geo-fencing campaign?

Geo-Fencing is where we draw a virtual “fence” around the stadium during game time, store data about the devices that were at the game, and show your ads to them over the course of the season.

What if my campaigns are still saying zero impressions after game one?

Your campaigns start gathering user data after the first game date, please ensure your first game date has past. If the campaign is still showing zero after the game date passing, then give your report time to generate - as your audience size may be too small and building the ideal audience over the season.

What is the map showing?

The map will show the pin drop of the exact location of the area of the stadium (Stadium Address). This is where we’ll be targeting customers. The blue area is where we’ll only show ads (The Safe Zone), this helps us remove away fans that may have been at games, but then leave the area.

What is a digital impression?

This is when your ad shows on the screen of one of the fans that attended the game.

Why are there digital impressions on Desktop?

Due to cross device tracking, users in the area may see their ads on tablets, desktop, mobile, and more! This is because a user that was at the game goes home or to work, then uses their computer will receive our sponsors ads on any device.

What are the top domains?

Top domains are the most popular sites your ad was shown on. We show ads on thousands of websites, but mainly we show them on websites that we know your ideal audience is going.

On the GeoFencing Report, What does download do?

If you click download, it downloads an easy printable PDF of the report, so you can save, share, and keep for your records.

What is a domain?

A domain is a website that we show your ads on. Many popular websites get revenue from showing ads.